Rewind: This season of 'the Bachelor' before hometowns

Rewind: This season of 'the Bachelor' before hometowns

"To get to the point, I am skeptical, and I have to feel from you that this is something that's real", Kendall's father tells Arie. Then, it's time to meet the family. Her mom, on the other hand, isn't afraid to express her concerns about the other women in the picture and admits the process makes her nervous.

Making her feelings known, Arie gives Kendall a rose, leaving Tia in tears.

We need to wait to see how she reacts to the whole engagement disaster to get a better feel for her readiness to become the Bachelorette.

Kendall showed Arie how to mount a taxidermy rat during their one-on-one time together. It seemed like that would be it for the couple, but Arie does the unexpected and tells Tia that she's going home. The next place to visit was Arkansas, Tia's hometown.

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Arie's latest challenge was facing down the families, all of whom were suspicious of him.

Bekah called such comments "silly", insisting that at least in Los Angeles, people wouldn't care if she was dating a much older man.

Not long after they arrived, Arie was out on the patio being grilled by Jason. However, Arie assures him that he's not that person anymore, that he's ready for marriage and that he's falling for Tia. However, he throws in a little threat before their conversation ends, and (sort of) jokingly warns Arie that he'll find him on Google if he hurts his "little girl." Aw!

"Then I found out it was Arie I was kind of like, "I don't know who the hell this is, but it's going to be [like] meeting a stranger like anywhere else". The hometowns were full of seemingly tough family members, taxidermy and little weiners. She did throw Bekah way under the bus to Arie.

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Becca's father passed away when she was 19, so her uncle stepped in to fill the role during her hometown date. Steve asks after Arie says he's falling for Becca.

Arie confirmed that the four hung out after one fan tweeted: "And excuse me..." They embraced and she told Arie to go with his heart.

After some pleasantries, Kendall's mother took her into another room to "dish" while Kylie grilled Arie about his feelings and questioned the "space" between them.

Lauren Burnham - "Arie's final hometown date with Lauren his biggest test yet". They go for a romantic horse ride on the beach and climb to the top of a lighthouse. His time with her family in Minnesota went as well as can be expected, as did his talk with Becca's uncle. He even has to step away from the table for a minute as his nerves take over. Lauren's dad Dave makes Arie sweat (literally). That nearly swayed Arie to send Lauren home, but ultimately, Biehl says, "He respects privacy". However, by the end, both of Lauren's parents let Arie know that they trust Lauren's judgment, and give him their blessing to propose if it is what Lauren wants. That night's rose ceremony was especially hard for Arie. His words are saying "I'm in this to get married" but his face and demeanor and whole sitch are saying "I am literally just existing here". But while Arie struggles to decide which of these women could be his future wife, there's one cosmic match that quite obviously outshines the others, says astrologer Kathy Biehl.

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Having made up his mind, Arie chose Becca, Lauren, and, surprisingly, Kendall, eliminating Tia, who started crying.

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